“We were in a pretty desperate stage with our relationship and our marriage. In the 8 months that we’ve been going to Dan, we are back together and working on our marriage in a whole new way. Our communication is better, our understanding of one another has improved and we continue to communicate in new ways, thanks to the tools that Dan is constantly teaching us and talking us through.”


“I felt you were straight-talking but also very sensitive to our very different personalities and really wanted to help us as much as individuals as well as a couple. It played a valuable part in helping me with the decision and also be a bit better in being more honest with myself going forward.”


“Thank you very much for your understanding and expertise over the past few months. We came to you as a last resort as we careered towards an inevitable separation – something we still want to avoid. Your message is clear: We need to reach an accommodation to create an atmosphere in which both we and the children can thrive.”


“He played an important role in me deciding to write a book. I had been seeing obstacles, finding reasons not to commit to it, but he helped me to see that I could do it, that it was up to me.  The book has just been published and I’m grateful for Dan’s help.”